A simple model of a paper flower

Very beautiful look composition of flowers of different sizes. Paper Flower Templates will be a bright detail of the living room, kitchen. Decorating the hall with large flowers from paper is a special direction, which is becoming more and more popular.

To make flowers you need to prepare A4 paper, take those shades that you want to see in the composition. To make it look more organic, masters recommend making some flowers from velvet or corrugated paper.

To form a circle, you need to take a large round object. The circle is circled, which is divided into four parts, in each of the parts draw three petals. Altogether we get twelve petals. The next circle is made a little smaller in diameter, and it is again divided into twelve petals. So make six or seven blanks. Paper Craft Templates superimposed on the other and glued to the center. It turns into a beautiful volumetric flower. Each preform has bent tips of the petals with a pencil or scissors. After preparing the required number of flowers, they are connected to each other in the form of a ball. The composition is hung in any suitable place.

Making flowers from improvised materials

In order to make a large flower with your own hands, it is not necessary to buy decorative paper: an experienced needlewoman with taste will be able to adapt for their purposes completely different improvised materials.Giant Paper Flower Templates - old printed editions. Large flowers from such materials turn out very spectacular.

For the blanks will be required:

  • several magazines;
  • green scotch tape;
  • scissors with sharp edges;
  • large skewers;
  • glue.

To make beautiful pieces, you need to do a series of actions one by one:

  • magazine sheets need to be sorted: select the most expressive and colorful pages;
  • each leaf is folded four times in length, from the sides of the fold is sliced fringe, but at a distance of two centimeters stop cutting;
  • to make a bud, you need to wrap the ribbon with fringe around the skewer, securing the edges with glue or tape;
  • this way you get flowers that look like asters and chrysanthemums;
  • the incisions will be nicely torn, creating a voluminous flower;
  • At the bottom it is necessary to strengthen the leaf with scotch tape and wrap it with green paper.

Beginners will be able to make such a flower, and if you carry out joint work with a child - the child's delight will not end. How to make large flowers from paper master class on the Internet will help to get an idea and make a beautiful composition.

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